Healthy Living in Charlotte

Reach your Health Goals with a wide variety of services.

Our most popular packages can be purchased and scheduled through the book appointment link on our site. We also recognize that one size does not fit all and would be happy to discuss a custom package to meet your needs.
Grocery Store Walk-Through
Meet us at the grocery store! We’ll discuss the best way to approach grocery shopping and how to quickly and efficiently maneuver the aisles. Tips on label reading strategies, how to incorporate new ingredients into your meals, how to compare products, and how to escape the grocery store with only the items you need will be provided. We’ll also explore particular products that may help you meet your nutrition goals. We’ll answer any questions you have and help you fill your cart to fit your nutrition needs.
Food Sensitivity Testing
Constantly feeling tired, bloated or achy? Suffering from chronic headaches and can’t find the cause? Our food sensitivity testing package may be the perfect solution for you. Using blood work through MRT testing, we’ll determine the foods you’re most sensitive to and will create a custom elimination diet to help rid you of symptoms. We’ll meet regularly throughout the process to ensure you stay on track and will remain available to answer your questions, provide recipe ideas, and provide guidance and support.
Fridge and Pantry Makeover
Let’s take inventory of your fridge and pantry. Depending on your nutrition goals, we’ll discuss which items may be hindering your progress and which items could be substituted for healthier options. We’ll also determine what might be missing from your fridge and pantry and will align your shopping list with your nutrition goals. Combine this with the grocery store walk-through to equip yourself with the skills to keep your pantry in good shape and to achieve your results.
Nutrition Concierge Service
This service is available to current clients who have previously purchased a package. The nutrition concierge service will give you messaging access to Charlotte Nutrition. We’ll answer all of the small questions you have between appointments to help you stay on track with your nutrition goals. Going out to dinner tonight and not sure what to order? We’ll review the menu and choose a few suitable options for you. Traveling and unsure of where to eat? We’ll help you choose restaurants. Not sure whether that product at the grocery store is gluten-free? Let us help you with the label. Supplement our meetings with responsive on-the-go help.
Corporate & Speaking Engagements
Charlotte Nutrition is available to speak to groups or companies about nutrition. Choose from several readymade presentations or let us customize a presentation to fit your group’s needs. Allow us to host a lunch and learn, design an employee health challenge, or revamp the snack options in your company’s kitchen. We’re also available to provide nutrition services to your employees as part of your corporate wellness program. Show your employees you’re committed to their health and well being by offering professional nutrition advice.

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