Meet Izzy Smith

I’m Izzy Smith, a registered dietitian and a licensed dietitian/nutritionist and the founder of Charlotte Nutrition.

My nutrition journey started in high school when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. At first, I had a lot of trouble sifting through all of the information on gluten-free diets but once I figured it out, I felt like a new person and realized how life-changing proper nutrition can be.

After receiving a BS in Business Administration from UNC – Chapel Hill, I worked in finance and felt unfulfilled by my work. Upon moving back to Charlotte, my hometown, I returned to school to pursue a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition at Winthrop University. This enabled me to launch a career in nutrition and help others experience a nutrition awakening similar to my own.

My research has been published in reputable scientific journals and I’ve presented my findings at FNCE, the national conference for registered dietitians. I’ve combined my experience in a clinical setting with firsthand knowledge of the difficulty of implementing and sustaining a new diet regimen to help my clients reach their nutrition goals.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, manage a medical condition, or simply want to wake up feeling better each morning, I would love to help you. I know how intimidating it can be to overhaul your diet. I’ll help you start with simple, attainable changes and will guide you through your journey to improve your health and achieve meaningful results. 

Charlotte Nutritionist Izzy Smith

After three months of working with Izzy, I’ve lost twenty pounds and have lowered my blood pressure significantly. My cardiologist was impressed with my progress and lowered my cholesterol medication. I would highly recommend Izzy to anybody looking for help implementing a heart healthy diet.

David B.

My oldest daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease last August at 17 years old. We were overwhelmed as we processed and researched the disease. We were connected with Izzy who simplified all of the information and quickly explained how to navigate her diet and cross contamination moving forward. She was a wealth of knowledge and a delight to work with!

Shelly L.


Working one-on-one with a registered dietitian nutritionist can help you identify and attain your health goals. We help our North Carolina clients differentiate between hard science and opinion, helping them to challenge their thinking and putting them on track to experience improvements in health, confidence, and quality of life.
Get to know you
At our first meeting, we’ll get to know more about your medical and nutrition history and your reasons for reaching out.
Identify your goals
We’ll work together to create a plan that will put you on track to meet your goals.
Overcome your barriers
We’ll determine the barriers preventing you from reaching your goals and the best way to make them a non-issue.
Achieve success
Maintain your nutrition and lifestyle changes to see meaningful results.

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